IELTS Paylater

How to get started with SabiTeach IELTS Paylater Plan.
Welcome to the Sabiteach IELTS pay-later plan where you can get trained and register for the exams while you pay in installments.
Once you sign up with us at SabiTeach we help you get your IELTS exam and tutorial fee at N125,000 only.

The interest rate on this is as low as 5.8% -10% percent and this total payment will be spread across 8-12 months for you to pay up.

About N16,200 monthly for 8 months plan and N11,460 monthly for 12 months plan

Interesting right? Sure I know.

To qualify, You must have a steady flow of income on a monthly basis that enables you to be able to pay back conveniently. This check will be done with our partner Sterling Bank.
You also are required to open a Sterling Bank account if you don't have an existing one. The loan will be paid into your Sterling Bank account.
How to Register.

1. To start the process, you need to create an edubanc account (

2. Click on Edpay, select parent/student option

3.Validate your BVN (ensure that the name on your bvn is same with the name on your edubanc account)

4. Confirm if you have a Sterling bank account or not

5. Complete the KYC form or account opening if you do not

6. Click continue to loan

7. Complete the occupational information questions

8. Add student by selecting your class (IELTS) and filling in other details (ensure the school is Sabiteach)

9. Fill out the loan application form and confirm.

NB: This process takes only about 15-20mins to complete.
Get started via today