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Education Paylater Plan: SabiTeach Launches New Exciting Product
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Education Paylater Plan: SabiTeach Launches New Exciting Product

2021-11-01    |    0

Education Paylater Plan: Sabiteach Launches New Exciting product

Innovative Nigerian edtech marketplace startup, Sabiteach has launched an exciting new product called the Education Paylater Plan. 

SabiTeach, founded in September 2019 by Wale Ogunjobi seeks to solve the rising demand for quality teachers in Nigeria and also help teachers make more money through its marketplace. 

There's been a significant decline in the learning outcomes of students in Nigeria over the past 10 years, reducing exam success rates from 40% to less than 20% in major exams. Over 27 million children in school are performing very poorly, hence the need for quality teachers to take charge of students' learning experience.

The startup has a database of highly trained and experienced tutors around different communities that can be easily accessed using a learning style algorithm. SabiTeach tutors provide both physical learning and virtuals for students.

The newly launched Education Paylater Plan is in collaboration with Sterling bank to help candidates interested in taking the IELTS exam, PMP (training, exams and certification), Agile and Data Analysis training do so when they want regardless of their financial capacity at the time, while they "pay small small” over a period of time.

The cost of the training and the exam registration for IELTS goes for N125,000, which means that each candidate can’t access more than N125,000. While the full package for the PMP certification goes for N400,000 both spread over 8-12 months.

The candidates would be trained by the very qualified and certified Sabiteach tutors who have taken various training with a success rate of 95% so far. 

According to the CEO of Sabiteach, Wale Ogunjobi "helping bridge the educational gap and offering value to people has always been at the core of what Sabiteach stands for, hence the reason why the Education Paylater plan was launched amongst other people-centered products available on Sabiteach. "

Sabiteach, whose model is centered around helping tutors earn more money during their spare time while, also giving learners the platform to choose highly qualified and vetted tutors for their learning needs also has some other products like the device financing for tutors, financing teachers to acquire an international certificate both in partnership with Sterling bank.

For details on how to register for the IELTS Paylater plan, click here

For details on how to register for the PMP Paylater plan, click here


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