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EDvantage 1.0: Thriving in disruptive times through Ed-technology

2020-11-03 |    0

SabiTeach is an education technology company, solving educational problems in Africa. Our online marketplace help learners find and connect to trained and vetted tutors for both online and in-person learning engagements, across every subject and every age. We believe technology has the potential to radically improve access to quality education.

In commemoration of our first year anniversary we will be hosting a virtual conference tagged Ed-vantage 1.0. The theme of the conference is Thriving in disruptive times through Ed-technology.


Theme: Thriving in disruptive times through Ed-technology

Date: 21st November 2020

Time: 10am -1pm

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Admission is Free

 Edvantage is a virtual conference for teachers, school owners, tutors, school administrators, parents and edtech enthusiasts.

We believe that technology can radically improve the way people engage tutoring service and acquire quality education, you should too. After all, technology in the classroom and beyond is here to stay and we're just getting started! 

Edvantage 1.0 is the first of its kind. Thriving in disruptive times with Ed-tech requires a thorough understanding and harnessing of the benefits of technology. Edvantage 1.0 clearly lays it all out.  

This year 2020 will undoubtedly go down as one of the most eventful in world history, more so in Nigeria where the #EndSARS protest kicked off just as we seemed to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

These unexpected events intensify the need to be able to swiftly move on with engagements that matter to us despite physical barriers. Among the top on this list is education. Most Nigerians only began to fully appreciate education technology during the pandemic.

However, the end of the Covid-19 pandemic will not signify the end of EdTech. On the contrary, it is estimated that the number of smartphone users in Nigeria, is expected to grow to more than 140 million by 2025 and smartphone penetration will increase to around 60 percent by 2025.

These figures tell us that the application of Technology for various engagements, especially education will skyrocket.

Education technology not only saves time and cost, it makes lives easier, prepares students for the real world and brings the world closer together. As more people realize the benefits, more parents, private stakeholders,schools  and other educational institutions will get onboard.

Now is the time to act! Invest in, and take advantage of Education Technology. 

The windows of opportunities that technology presents for education in these disruptive times can only be discovered and harnessed through careful understanding and conscious navigation. Edvantage 1.0 helps you open these windows. Interact with well-grounded edTech professionals and join the conversation as they discuss ways to thrive and flourish with education technology in these disruptive times.

Register and attend Edvantage 1.0.